WHEN YOU TRY TO PUSH THE BOUNDARIES OF DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE YOU HAVE TO BE READY FOR FAILURE. THE Crop Circle board was supposed to be a failure and that was the reason i made it. but it didn’t turn out that way. IT TURNED INTO SOMETHING SPECIAL!

Base price: $2000

Words by Dave Rastovich:

“Ten years ago when wi-fi, clouds, and bluetooths technology obviously came from that years tech heavy crop circle season Gazza rightly figured if it’s good enough for the world wide web then it’s good enough for the bottom contours of a surfboard. The first one didn’t work for me, but the bloke who got it surfed better than ever and is apparently now the real brains behind Space X, tesla tech and fully functioning slim fit night surf goggles. Apparently. Mostly good stuff there. Fast forward to now and the bumper 2020 crop circle season is in full swing and Gazza has successfully revisited his idea. The crop circle board has broadened my surfing to now include three turns in my repertoire. Instead of just a bottom turn and a cutback I can also do the occasional layback… though they went out of style long ago apparently. Anyway, to see the wormhole Gazza has entered go to and to see this years crop circles go to Yay!”