As a result of growing up in humble surroundings, I have a full appreciation of the value of a dollar. In creating my concept boards I’ve always strived to produce a high performance board using materials that provide strength and longevity. I want customers to have a board that they can build a quiver around, that last and that they know they can surf in the conditions that best suit themselves and their board. Importantly boards that last reduce environmental impacts.

To ensure you’re getting the best value from your board, here are a few things to remember.
1. Don’t leave your board cooking in your car or van. Quickest way to cause delamination
2. Fix any dings as quickly as possible for PU, Carbon rail stringerless and Flax EPS
3. Flax EPS boards when dinged will absorb water quickly. Small dings use EPS Solar Resin and major dings get to your local board repairer.
Finally remember we are surfing in an unpredictable environment in the ocean. The circumstances are varied and can change really quickly. Boards get damaged and boards break. While I’m striving to increase the lifespan of your board I can’t guarantee your board will last forever but I’m giving it my best shot through continuing to explore design, construction materials and getting feedback from surfers.